How far will your greed drive you?

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Greed and Glory is available to play  in a browser for those who prefer to play on this platform, however,  for the best experience, it is recommended to download For Greed and Glory for either Windows, Mac or Linux.

For Greed and Glory

The Dungeon of Avarice is filled with many treasures, but the monsters and gruelling trials within stop many from getting their hands on it. A shadowy figure appears before those who desire to enter the dungeon and offers them a deal.

The less you are when you enter the dungeon, the more you will gain when you come out...

Give more of yourself to me to become lesser and in doing so, I will give you the power to gain more...

Give me your health and you will gain more strength...

Give me your defence and you gain more gold...

Give me your attack speed and you will gain more items...

How far will your greed drive you?


For Greed and Glory is a bullet-hell arena shooter where players fight in the Dungeon of Avarice against an onslaught of enemies in order to get as much gold as possible. The God of Greed, Avarice, offers a deal to all those who enter the dungeon, allowing them to give up certain attributes in order to gain other attributes. For example, the less health they have the stronger their attack is, the less defense you have the more gold enemies drop and the less your fire rate is the more items will drop from enemies. In order to gain as  much gold as possible, the God of Greed has created a test to see much you will sacrifice to become more, to see how far your greed will drive you...

Play around with the stats a bit and see how it changes the game ;)

Adherence to Game Jam Theme

Made for Blackthornprod Game Jam #3,  the theme of the jam was 'Less is More'. The Game Jam Version of For Greed and Glory adheres to this theme as the 'Greed Stat' mechanic allows players to choose to give up certain stats in order to gain other stats before entering the dungeon. The less health they have the more attack they'll have, the less defense they have the more gold they'll get and the less fire rate they have the more chance items have to drop from enemies. Through this, the Greed Stat mechanic adheres to theme of the jam as it allows players to enter the dungeon with less stats in order to gain more gold or vice-versa.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The game may set the stats of the  player character to the highest settings instead of the default settings when the game is first launched. It is recommended that you press the button in the top right of the stat selection screen that says 'Reset Stats to Default Values' when you first play the game for the best experience (this will be fixed in a future update).


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For Greed and Glory Windows Edition (v1.1) 53 MB
For Greed and Glory Mac OSX Edition (v1.1) 53 MB
For Greed and Glory Linux Edition (v1.1) 56 MB
For Greed and Glory Windows Edition (Game Jam Version) 43 MB
For Greed and Glory Mac Edition (Game Jam Version) 43 MB
For Greed and Glory Linux Edition (Game Jam Version) 46 MB

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A very cool game, ultra arcady. Makes you want to pour hours in it playing - addictive!

Feel free to check my own entry for the jam <3

Awesome game and a small video review below ^^ 

00:56 For Greed and Glory 

GREAT game, so much polish and it fits the theme so well, good job!

Absolutely loved it. Steam game FOR SURE. IOS and Google play even. Howd you get the movement so smooth?

A combination of a very simple player movement script and a camera movement script

i dont do well with creating movement. Did you use rb.MovePosition, rb.Velocity or something to this effect?

Not sure if this will help I but here's what I did, access the Input for the Horizontal and Vertical Axis and then use transform.Translate to move the player based off those inputs. The camera script then just makes that movement look smoother

Ive generally heard that transform.Translate doesnt work too well so that's quite surprising but cool! How did you set up your  camera if you dont mind me asking? I usually just create a camera movement script that gets the player's current location, minus 10 on the player's z axis

Yeah in general, its probably not best to use transform.Translate in most cases because with that, issues with collision can occur e.g. players can go out of the bounds of the level pretty easy that way. In the case of my game, it isn't really a problem because I just clamp my players movement to within the arena bounds so it can never escape and I don't have to deal with the extra hassle that rb.MovePosition and rb.Velocity sometimes has. As for the camera, I learnt how to do it from Brackeys but modified it for 2D use, this should be the link for the video: Basically you just get the position of the player relative to the camera's viewport and then update the camera's position to the position of the player using SmoothDamp so that there is a delay and doesn't follow it instantly.


I have to admit that is probably one of the best I’ve seen there! It’s balanced, it’s hard but it also has very interesting concept! I really think you should pursue this game further!!

Thanks! You really think so?





Dam this looks really polished so far. How long have you been making games? Also, how did you get the player movement to be so smooth?


I've been making games in my spare time since I was in grade 6, so for about 7 years!


The sounds, graphics and controls are just awesome! My only caveat is that there is no quit button!

Yeah the browser edition of the game doesn't have a quit button but the standalone versions do


dig the game its def hard which i like


this was a pretty good game my only gripe a bout  it is there was no telegraphing, like when a guy would spawn, it would just appear out of nowhere and kill me, what i would have done is do a fall animation or fade, something that tells me a guy is about to spawn close to you! 


🎖️ My best run: 5,460

I think the game could profit a lot from having some actualy level architecture rather than just open space. The open space makes it a bit monotonous.

Still, quite enjoyable for a few session 👍

Thanks for playing Dibaka! What did you think of the greed mechanic?

(1 edit)

Hmm, that's a tough one to answer. To me, personally, it feels much just like adjusting a few parameters that do not change how I behave inside the game. I'm not changing my gameplay style. Unlike, say, an ability skill-tree maybe would make me. So for me it did not really do the thing - but that may be a very, very personal impression! 😉

I basically just pushed firerate to the max because that made the game most engaging for me and then played a bit with the health stats.

(1 edit)

Oh ok, I was concerned that would happen due to the mechanic being parameter based. 

My idea behind it is that the goal of the game is to collect as much gold/ score points as possible to get a better high score and to unlock the skins in the game (hence the name For agreed and Glory) so, players can lessen there stats to gain more stats that will help them acquire more gold i.e. less health gives you more attack (kills enemies faster, get gold faster), less defence gives you more score points (more gold per kill), and less fire rate gives you more items (gives you more useful items that enhances the previous two abilities in acquiring gold). In that way, I was thinking the whole greed stat mechanic would allow people to experiment to see what gets them the best score and add replayability to the game.

I’ve tested with a few people and they felt the mechanic was pretty fun and allowed them to experiment but I guess that is dependent on what stats they chose so I haven’t tested all stat combinations. Thanks again for playing!

i think this idea would work better for a rogue like its a very neat i idea