Note: This is the browser version of the game and may perform poorly in comparison to the downloadable version. I encourage you to play the browser version but if you like what you play, consider downloading the offline version for a better experience.

Welcome to the Avarice Game Page

Avarice is a Dungeon Crawler/ Run and Gun style game set in the Dungeons of Avarice. You are an  determined to find what is hidden in the deepest and darkest areas of the dungeon. On your journey you will face horrific monsters, nightmarish phantoms and a plethora of traps to look out for. Equipped with spells and potions,  you brave the dungeon and discover the secrets of Avarice...

This version of the game contains the complete base game along with the three expansions: Bloodlust, Arcane Illusions, Hell Fury.

This version of the game also contains the following updates:

  • Witchcraft and Wizardry

More updates for the game are coming with the following being planned to be released in the coming year:

  • Monsters and Myths
  • Throne of Thorns
  • Greed and Glory
  • Dungeon Explorers
  • Lost Labyrinths 
  • Gothicmania
  • Fallen Heroes
  • Death Saint
  • Rebirth


The Dungeon of Avarice is the first Dungeon of Avarice. It contains the most common of monsters such as Skeletons and Wraiths. It stands as the first trial of Avarice and only the strongest and greediest can make it through. While it is difficult, it doesn't compare to what comes after it...

The Bloodlust Dungeon is the second Dungeon of Avarice. The monsters within are made up of eyeballs, intestines and body parts. Blood is spread so thickly across the floor it has become a tar that slows anyone that steps in it, making your death all too closer...

The Arcane Illusions Dungeon is the third Dungeon of Avarice. The monsters that reside in it are known as the Cult of Truth and have cast illusions making things not appear as they seem. Things appear and disappear as if they were not actually there and yet everything is still out to kill you...

The Hell Fury Dungeon is the final Dungeon of Avarice. At the bottom of the world, lava and fire spew from the cracks below. Hell Fury is the hardest trial of Avarice, with the fastest and toughest enemies, lava and fire surrounding you everywhere you go and at the end awaits the final challenge that guards the Treasure of Avarice...

Controls For Game:

- WASD to Move

- Left Click to shoot Fireballs

- Right click to use Magic Attack

-Space to Dash

Credits  for any Third-Party assets will be included in the game

Mark Auman
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Release date Mar 03, 2019
AuthorGame Dev Skill Up
Made withUnity
TagsDungeon Crawler, randomised-dungeons, Roguelike
Average sessionAbout an hour


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too much lag, monsters and the character move way too quickly, and whats the point in a stamina bar that refills almost as fast as you shoot? and why tf is stamina used to shoot fire balls????? sorry Im in a bad mood so this probably sounds rude af. it was a decent game 7/10

The stamina bar is there because you can dash using to dodge and block attacks. It’s hard to pull of but it exists.