Neoblast: Reality Shift is a modern take on retro shoot ‘em ups, where players must adapt in order to survive as the weapons, enemies and the environment of the game randomly change every so often.

In Neoblast: Reality Shift, Earth is being invaded by the Remmutors, a race of aliens that bend reality to their advantage. As Earth’s last defence, players must end the invasion and save Earth by defeating the three major bosses that control the rest of the Remmutors and their reality shifting powers. To achieve this, players must weave and shoot through waves of enemies in space with the arsenal of weapons at their disposal and the powerups they pick up along the way. As the player, you have also gained the means to shift reality as well,  however, it is malfunctioning, resulting in it activating at random intervals and causing the weapons you have, the enemies you face, and the game world to change completely against your will. With a vivid, retro and neon aesthetic, with frantic and thrilling gameplay to match, Neoblast: Reality Shift will be exciting and action-packed. Master reality and save Earth from its doom!

PlatformsmacOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorGame Dev Skill Up
Tags2D, Shoot 'Em Up


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Very well made game. Has good storyline and game play is smooth.  I did think it was a little difficult just for the first wave because of the reality changes, but then again I do like a challenge. Just tone the difficulty down a little for the first two waves and then I think it would be more easier for players to catch on.

Undoubtedly, an awesome 5-star game. This is well thought and high impactful game, really love the way it has been made. The user experience is great, feels super impactful, and very appealing. The Particle Effects, SFX, Powerups, and other things, everything is just way good than any other similar game. Great Job!

The only thing that might be a problem is the difficulty curve, currently, it's way high and might be super difficult for many users. You should consider the Flow Theory in Game Design that could help you to balance your Game Progression and Games Difficulty at the same time. Apart from this everything feels great.