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Game Synopsis

Alien Robots are invading earth and it's your job to get rid of the hivemind network that commands all of the robots. Unfortunately we have only developed one gun that is effective against the robots which you are equipped with currently but even then, it doesn't do much damage to the robots, especially against the bigger ones. To really stick it to them, you must infiltrate their bases, steal their weapons and use them against them. Defeat the Animus Collective, the robots that make up the hivemind network in order to weaken The Hivemind, destroy him and the threat he poses to the world.

Game Trailer

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorGame Dev Skill Up
Made withUnity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


Hivemind Windows Edition 88 MB
Hivemind Mac Edition 89 MB
Hivemind Linux Edition 91 MB

Install instructions

Download the compressed zip file and then extract it.

DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing an issue in the current version of Hivemind (Version 1.0) where you can't aim with the mouse it is because the look sensitivity has been set to 0. To fix this, either go into the settings on the main menu or in-game by pressing tab and then adjusting the look sensitivity. A patch for the game will come out soon to fix this along with some other issues with the game.


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You can't aim if you're playing on keyboard+mouse which is certainly a decision that was made xD

What do you mean?

Same here. Mouse aim does not work/respond at all.

If you go into settings (either on the main menu or in a level by pressing tab and then pressing the settings button) you can adjust the look sensitivity, it must be on 0. Sorry about this inconvenience, the current version of the game was for a competition and is not completely polished but I will release a patch that solves this issue.

Found it.

Holy moly, this game has potential! A few notes:

- You could easily turn this into a super arcadey doom-like experience if you make the enemies faster, with less health, but higher in number

- This might also drastically improve the pacing as and serve the fast player movement

- I'd like to get more 'boom' out of the shotgun, meaning, small enemies should instantly die (would just 'feel' better for me)

Anways, it's all your call, these are just thoughts. I'll keep an eye on his one!