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Give and You Shall Receive is a wave-based survival game & sequel to 'One Shot In The Chamber' where the player must survive hordes of enemies by gunning them down. The catch is that after every wave, the player must choose to give up something in order to receive something in return, changing up how they play the game. Feel free to play the browser version but for better performance I encourage you to download one of the versions down below.


Left Click to Shoot

WASD or Arrow Keys to Move

Right Click to do Special Attack

Left Shift to Sprint


 Music and Sound Effects by Subspace Audio


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Give and You Shall Receive PC Edition 29 MB
Give and You Shall Receive Mac Edition 29 MB


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The game is quite addictive,love the atmosphere from the light and sound effect it was  pleasing, but the longer i play its make me dizzy lol. Anyway, great job

Sorry for commenting here; it seems like you can't PM people.

I had to reupload my game to fix the html issue so would appreciate if you could submit your rating again :P


Of course man! If you haven't rated my game yet, it would be much appreciated!

Already did! 👍