One Shot In The Chamber Update 1.1

One Shot In The Chamber Update 1.1 is out on Windows (64-bit systems only) and will soon be out on Windows 32-bit Systems, Mac and Linux. Listed below are some of the changes made to the game:


  • Added Rainbow Stages - Are essentially a hard mode that unlocks after the player reaches 125 points or when the player beats the first six stages. Rainbow Stage also has six stages: Rainbow Red, Rainbow Orange, Rainbow Yellow, Rainbow Green, Rainbow Blue, Rainbow Purple. Each stage introduces an elite version of previous enemies: Elite Trackers are faster, Elite Shooters shoot three bullets, Elite Splitters split into four bullets that form an x shape instead of a plus shape, Elite Seekers release faster homing projectiles, Elite Tanks split into two rather than lose a life and Elite Exploders explode more violently, essentially making them an atomic bomb with the rest of the chaos going on. Each rainbow stage the player unlocks, they are rewarded with a colour ring that gets added to their player. Once they reach the final rainbow stage the player will look similar to the logo of the game


  • Added Volume Sliders for both Background Music and SFX - due to complaints that the sound was too loud, volume sliders for both the Background Music and SFX were implemented in the pause menu ingame

Bug Fixes:

  • Bullet no longer passes through enemies sometimes (Needs more testing)

Improvements & Changes:

  • The Bullet can now be summoned back without having to wait for it to stop
  • The Bullet can now be teleported to without having to wait for it to stop


One Shot In The Chamber Windows (64-bit) Version 1.1 28 MB
Aug 16, 2019

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